Jenny Yang

Phoenix Soy, LLC
Consumer Packaged Goods
Chicago, Illinois (9 miles from downtown Chicago)

Jenny, a native of Taiwan, left a career in corporate finance when an opportunity to buy into the existing Phoenix Bean tofu-making company arose in 2006. She and her team have steadily built Phoenix Bean into a significant presence on the Chicago food scene, selling its fresh and prepared tofu products and soy milk to leading restaurants, as well as to general consumers through wholesale and retail markets.

Now Jenny is seeking market development and strategic growth assistance to raise capital and grow her company significantly.

Good Food principles of sustainability and localism are key ingredients in Phoenix Bean’s success. All of the soybeans used in its products are non-GMO — no mean trick, given that the vast majority of soybeans grown in the United States are genetically modified. All of its soybeans also are grown in the Chicago foodshed.

“We believe that healthy soybean products are an important part of a sustainable modern diet. We are following a complete soybean life cycle that supports and encourages local, sustainable food,” Jenny says. Phoenix Bean has participated in FamilyFarmed’s past two Good Food Festivals, and also is familiar to shoppers who frequent several of Chicago’s leading farmers markets.