Michele Gazzolo and Beth Denton

Michele Gazzolo and Beth Denton
Fruitbelt LLC
Consumer Packaged Goods
Sawyer, Michigan

Made from fruit, herbs and honey, every bottle of Fruitbelt Tonic combines clean ingredients with reduced sugar content, a true portion size and authentic, unvarnished flavor. While most sparkling fruit sodas are made with fruit concentrate, added sugar and/or chemical sweeteners, Beth and Michele use pressed juice and honey, and include naturally aromatic bitters that include herbs known to enhance digestion. Fruitbelt Tonic is certified gluten-free, sodium free, and caffeine free. It is also free of added sugar and any artificial ingredients, and each ingredient contained in the bitters is native to the Fruitbelt region of Southwest Michigan.

Michele Gazzolo was raised to be a merchant, hearing tales about margins, service and innovation from her father and grandfather, who founded a wholesale pharmaceutical distribution business at the turn of the 19th century. With a formal education in religion and anthropology and experience in retail, capital and business team formation, Michele brings a reformer’s heart to a tall endeavor: bottling a drink that will remind us all that the taste of real fruit and the experience of a real orchard cannot be replaced.  Fruitbelt Tonic tells the stories of heirloom apple orchards and the people who tend them, connecting a proud and colorful history to a vibrant and sustainable future.