Shane Christensen

Consumer Packaged Goods
Chicago, Illinois (1 mile from downtown Chicago)

Shane is utilizing his past experience in entrepreneurial ventures, including clothing, entertainment, and children’s products, in building the dailyServing company. The start-up company, which launched in April 2014, makes a variety of healthy products — based on dried fruits and vegetables, cold-pressed juices, nuts, and other functional foods — that address the busy lives of many consumers.

Each product in its line is designed to address a particular type of customer or activity. Examples include Defend-Immunity (immunity booster), Calm-Mind (foods that soothe), Fuel Work-Out (pre-workout foods), Recover Strength (post-workout foods), and Play Smart (an afternoon snack for kids).

Shane says, “Many of our solutions contain two dry goods and a cold-pressed juice, combining the right nutrients and fibers for wholesome health.” For instance, dailyServing’s “Satisfy Hunger” has kale chips for thylakoids, pistachios for protein, and carrot-pea cold-pressed juice for fiber.

Shane says dailyServing’s goals are to quickly increase sales and distribution while refining the product line to meet the needs of Good Food consumers.